”Integrating UN Sustainable Goals in English Language Instruction” Project


Academy for Innovation and Change through Education


US Embassy to Moldova

is inviting English language teachers to involve students in the

”Integrating UN Sustainable Goals in English Language Instruction” National Project

UN Project


Any English language teacher interested in spicing up his/her classroom with innovative school projects implemented at the national level. Sample projects: Global Youth Service Day Moldova and Adobe Youth Voices.


The project will be implemented all around Moldova – schools will collaborate with two other partners via online tools, Facebook and project forum. Participants will receive weekly step by step instructions.


According to ”REGULAMENTUL de atestare a cadrelor didactice din învăţămîntul preşcolar, primarsecundar, special, complementarsecundar profesional şi mediu de specialitate, teachers involved in national projects, 150 hours per academic year, will receive 5 professional credits.


  • August – registering participants
  • September – sharing photo handshakes, exploring UN Sustainable Development Goals, learning how to plan and implement a school project
  • October – choosing a UN sustainable development goal, planning and implementing a school project in partnership with two other schools
  • November – creating and sharing the project report, organizing online meetings with school partners




TASK # 1

  1. Thank you for your interest in the ”Integrating UN Sustainable Goals in English Language Instruction” National Project. In order for us to develop our digital skills, we will communicate via email and Facebook. So, your first task is:
    • access THIS LINK
    • write a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) in the ”comments” section
    • tell us your name, which school you work in, why you would like to engage students in a national project based on UN goals and what you expect to gain from this experience
    • attach a picture of yourself, your students or your school
    Good luck with the first task and see you all online, on our Facebook page!
    TASK # 2
  2. Please plan the first activity with your students – it could be during one of your English classes or as an extracurricular activity.
    • Ask them to watch this video WE THE PEOPLE and guess as many famous people as possible (It could be a team competition 🙂 ).
    • Tell them they are going to participate in a national project which will address UN sustainable goals.
    • Let them brainstorm and decide on a name and a brand for their team.
    • Ask your students to create a poster which will include the name and logo of their team, the name of your school and location.
    • See a few examples of photo introductions HERE.
    • Take a picture of your students holding this poster and post it on Facebook HERE, accompanied by the name of your school and location.

Enjoy creating your first photo handshake!

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